Full-length 1 year programme, with 6 months internship* spent at one of the MORE safari lodges

You will learn everything you need to become one of the best! Gain in-depth knowledge of the bush, learn skills to host guests on their once-in-a-lifetime adventures, and achieve qualifications that will allow you to leap ahead of your peers. All of this, while upholding the ethics of a true conservationist. This course should be a stepping stone on your path to becoming a professional field guide.

  • Applicants must be South African citizens who are 21 years old or older, or 20 turning 21 within the course year

This course includes:

  • NQF2 Nature Site Guide (FGASA)
  • FGASA Apprentice Trails Guide Mentorship Programme
  • Rifle competency (PFTC) & FGASA Advanced Rifle Handling
  • Tracks & Signs (by CyberTracker)
  • Trailing
  • Wilderness First Aid Level 2
  • Advanced Birding
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Night Sky Safari Skills
  • Navigation and Orientation
  • 4 x 4 Driving
  • Basic Mechanics
  • Nature Conservation (Principals of Reserve Management & Anti-Poaching)
  • Hospitality Skills (hosting guests on a five-star safari)
  • Emotional Intelligence

6-Month MORE Internship

Based at one of MORE’s exclusive safari lodges, you will gain valuable bridging experience and have work-place training under the direction of some of the industry’s finest field guides. Hone your guiding and hospitality skills and gain the confidence to independently take guests out on safaris.

*Internship is subject to meeting specific requirements  

Permanent MORE Employment

Our top-performing students will have an opportunity many junior guides can only dream of – to become a permanent MORE Field Guide. Students who meet the criteria are added to MORE’s recruitment pool and if selected, will establish their career at one of our renowned safari lodges.

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