Our Sustainability Journey

At MORE Field Guide College, we don’t only aim to train our students to be top quality guides, but also to be aware of our environment and to drive sustainability.

Systems we promote and drive at the college to achieve this varies greatly, from sourcing local produce to limiting water usage. We have set up a greywater system, that collects wastewater from washbasins, showers, and baths. This water is fed into the greywater system to be filtered and pumped into a storage tank. Here it sits until there is a demand, at which time it is then pumped out of the tank for reuse in irrigation. We use this system to water our gardens and keep our lawns green, so as not to waste water unnecessarily.

Apart from sourcing produce as local as possible, we also pride ourselves on growing seasonal vegetables in our “Greenhouse” to reduce our carbon footprint as far as possible.

The aim to recycle and minimize plastic usage as far as possible is an ongoing project, from eliminating clingfilm in our kitchen to having recycling stations set up around camp to recycle all our glass, plastic, tin, and food waste to make sure it is disposed of in a sustainable manner and reused where possible.

All light bulbs are in the process of changing over to LED to lower energy usage and we operate on a no aircon system to limit our environmental impact and power usage.

There are also posters placed around the college to remind all students and staff of sustainability efforts and to help us achieve our goals.

At MORE Field Guide College, we believe sustainability and being eco-friendly is a huge part of what we do, and we will continue to push this drive forward through our actions, and hopefully instil it in the minds of all who spend time with us.